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A Story of Success

Anna had been searching for her biological father, a sperm donor, for over ten years and had taken tests on several of the leading direct to consumer databases, as well as her known mother. Despite having received help from some online search angels, no progress had been made in identifying the donor when Freddie began to help out in mid 2020.

By using his experience, Freddie was able to carefully identify a potentially key match from Anna’s Ancestry results and start building a mirror tree. Very quickly he was then able to find a connection between this match on Ancestry and another match on MyHeritage. This was a significant connection and Freddie was then able to identify a pair of brothers as highly likely to be the donor.

With further research, one brother stood out as being the primary candidate, and after finding photos online, it was clear that Anna’s donor had been found!

While limited progress had been made in the years since the test, it took Freddie just three days to apply his expertise to identify the donor.


Knowing where he comes from

Peter had tested on all the main databases and his highest match was 176 cM, an estimated 3rd - 4th cousin when looking for his donor.  

THE DNA Detectives through their techniques were able to identify a common ancestor between people on two different databases which provided a breakthrough and really enabled Peter's search to progress. Despite many other challenging aspects of the search, including two instances of unknown birth fathers on birth certificates, the donor was identified Peter now has a positive relationship with him.   

Working Together